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TRIO Testimonial: Seven Feathers Casino Resort

TRIO360 is allowing Casino Marketing to “Level Up.” The positive effect this tool has on player development, host roles, and management is massive. In this testimonial, Craig Shacklett, CEO of Trio360, talks with Anita Johnson, Seven Feathers’ Assistant Marketing Director, and Nic Minor, Seven Feathers’ Executive Casino Host, to get an update on Trio360’s impact since installation.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • How does Trio360 affect the Executive Host role
  • How does Trio360 affect the Marketing Director role
  • How Marketing can Leveraging Trio Offer pages
  • The Flexibility of Trio360
  • How Trio360 has affected the booking the process
  • How Trio360 takes the stress out of short-notice messaging/events
  • What is it like working with the Trio360 team
  • Time to value with Trio
  • Training hosts to use Trio360
  • Achieving goals using Trio360
  • Productivity with Trio and work-life balance

If you are a casino executive that wants to drive more revenue from your casino host / player development team, schedule a demo of Trio360 today:

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