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The Revolution of Casino Credit Systems -Marker Trax Interview[VIDEO]

Traditional casino credit systems have come with multiple issues for casino operators. Applying and getting approved for a credit line can sometimes take anywhere from a couple days to even weeks. Casinos have been dependent on other businesses to verify and give them the information they need to make a decision of deciding if a player is creditworthy. A new and cashless casino credit system is taking casinos by storm with its solution for these issues. Marker Trax allows players to be in action within 5-10 minutes of applying, it’s custom-built for the property and benefits the player and operator in multiple ways. Anamarie Ellis, Director of Player Development at Ellis Island Casino and Brewery and Marker Trax Marketing Executive, talks with Craig Shacklett, CEO of TRIO360 and URComped, to discuss how Marker Trax has improved Casino credit systems, how it works and is used, and much more! Listen to podcast version.

Topics discussed include:

  • Ellis Family history in Las Vegas
  • Anamarie’s background and experience
  • What is Marker Trax
  • The difference between Marker Trax and traditional casino credit
  • What players can use Marker Trax
  • What is the payback process
  • Marker Trax benefits for operator and player
  • Marketing Strategies

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