You are currently viewing NEW Ultimate Gaming Network for Gamblers- MaxBet TV Interview [VIDEO]

NEW Ultimate Gaming Network for Gamblers- MaxBet TV Interview [VIDEO]

For most civilians, the casino industry seems like a big mystery on how it all works. Maybe because there are so many niches within the industry, from how the slot machines work to how immense security is? MaxBet Media has decided to showcase what’s behind the curtain by taking players and operators alike behind the scenes with their new network for gamblers, MaxBet TV. This ultimate platform not only shows deep insights within gaming but also provides a safe social network for gamblers to interact and see the casino content they want to see. Craig Shacklett, CEO of URComped and Trio360, interviews co-founders of MaxBet Media, Landon Jones and Mike McKiski, to learn more about this new network created by gamblers for gamblers, how it got started, and the vision of this ultimate resource for players and operations! Listen to podcast version.

Topics discussed include:

  • How Mike and Landon entered the casino industry
  • Creation of Maxbet Media
  • What sprung the B2B podcast
  • MaxBet media’s affect
  • The Volatility of the Casino industry
  • Broadening to B2C
  • Creation of MaxBet TV
  • Casino insights
  • Building a network of gamblers
  • MaxBet TV Channels

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