You are currently viewing CDC Gaming Webinar – Marketing leader’s guide to driving host productivity and increasing revenue

CDC Gaming Webinar – Marketing leader’s guide to driving host productivity and increasing revenue

In this CDC Gaming Webinar, executive leaders discuss how to maximize the value of your hosts and increase revenue growth substantially, how to decrease No-Shows, why personalized messaging at scale enhances outbound reach, and the importance of transparency, metrics, and providing the right tool to remove obstacles. 

Lindsay Grant: CMO, Three7Nine Enterprise Management and Augustine Casino
Nic Miner: Executive Casino Host at Seven Feathers Casino Resort
Azam Husain: CEO, Casino Science
Craig Shacklett: CEO, Trio360


Player Development’s Three Buckets
Casino hosts’ time can be segmented into three buckets. 1. Outbound Sales, when they are actively reaching out to VIP players to get them to come to the casino. 2. Customer Facetime, when they are interacting with guests and schmoozing in order to make that personal connection stronger. 3. Administrative, when hosts are having to work on reporting/ logging and reservations.

The Outbound sales bucket is going to be the revenue driver and the Customer Facetime is going to assist in a customer’s loyalty which can lead to more trips as well. However administrative work is necessary but does not increase revenue. You can maximize the value of your hosts by giving them more time for the first two buckets that are directly impacting revenue growth. If their trips per hour increase and their time selling increases, then the revenue growth can be incredible.

Laying the Foundation – Transparency and Metrics
More and more Casino Marketing teams are becoming Sales Driven. Moving your casino host team to a “hunter” or Sales Mentality will ultimately bring more VIP players to the casino, which means more revenue!

Find software to do the administrative work for your hosts in order to maximize outbound efficiency. Plus, there will be way more accountability. Some example key metrics that can be tracked are conversations, trips booked, call logs, etc. These metrics can even be used for coaching and training the hosts. Tracking helps ensure your being productive.

Not only that but it can assist in avoiding “he said she said” from guests claiming they were told one thing and got another. You don’t have to ask around about “who said what” when the conversation is logged.

Your goal is to increase Incremental trips and theo from your host team, so tracking can prove what is effectively driving trips. Management can easily attribute the cause of a trip to an actual host and track if the play is increasing, with the right technology. With hosts having the transparency of seeing outbound conversations with guests converting to trips, they can see that they do have an impact. They can also see the other host productivity in order to create a little bit of friendly competition.

Removing the Obstacles- Speed and Efficiency
Casinos will always have non-performing days during the week, so how do you yield more play on those days? We’re talking about making an unmarketable day REMARKABLE! A great way to do this is by creating a promotion or incentive for guests to come. Now the hard part is how do you get the word out and to the right audience? What if it’s a last-minute thing? HERE YOU GO! Send a mass message (via text or email) with personalization, so every player feels like they got a special invite from their host.

Hosts don’t even have to take time to deal with the admin tasks of logging their own activities, because software can do it for them! You don’t hire hosts for their administrative skills… It’s their tenacity and personality and ability to make players want to walk in the front door. So when technology saves the hosts from having to do admin stuff, they have more time to sell and do what they do best. It even stretches past that to the booking process. Everything can be done much quicker. It goes to the saying “work smarter not harder,” by providing your host teams with the right tool to be successful.

Not to mention, the right tool will be user-friendly so it can be effortless even for those who aren’t as tech-savvy.

Elevation Your Service- Service at Scale
Comps are an effective tool! Its no mystery that casinos use events to bring in players. However, when players don’t show up there is a lost opportunity and opportunity cost. How do you cut down on the NO-SHOWS? It all goes back to communication, which we can scale now with the right technology. Scheduling text blast reminders to everyone who has tickets or is booked in your system is a great way to do this. Multiple reminders leading up to the date are even better because people’s plans change all the time. For example, you could send a reminder one month out, then another one week out, and then another the day of. Make sure you have created a waitlist as well because as people fall off you can find others to take their spot. This can create a huge cut-off for no-shows.

Another way to elevate service is to have a good response time. VIP players were surveyed and stated that their biggest pet peeve with casino hosts was slow/no response. If a player messages a host directly and the host is off or enjoying their weekend, so they don’t get back to them right away, it can become a huge dissatisfier and even a lost trip. Casinos don’t know how many lost trips they have if the messaging functionality isn’t a centralized platform. When there isn’t a centralized platform there are more risks like nonresponse turning into lost trips booked, off-brand or unprofessional messaging, “he said she said” issues, chaotic employee turnover, and lack of accountability. The benefits of having a unified communication platform are just the opposite. Hosts now have team support so they can take a few days off or enjoy their weekend and they don’t have to worry about their players. The other hosts are able to jump in right away and respond to VIP players messaging in.

Question and Answers:
Some Questions include…

  • How do you transition service people into effective salespeople?
  • How many texts should hosts send?
  • How do you follow federal guidelines with mass communication?
  • What is an example of a text sent through trio?
  • How are hosts responding via text?
  • How should you accelerate host activities?

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