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Casino Innovators: Mike Chapman- Breathing New Life into Table Games [VIDEO]

There’s no question that the minimum bet at table games continues to increase, so there’s a notable shift towards electronic table games (ETGs) catering to players who want to make smaller bets. At tables, players engage with one another, enriching their overall experience and if they are pushed to ETGs, they’ll lose the interpersonal dynamic that makes table games special. It’s about more than just gaming; it’s about amplifying entertainment value and ensuring players feel their money is well spent on an experience.

Mike Chapman, Gaming Operations Manager, tells URComped CEO, Craig Shacklett, his suggestion for casinos to breathe new life into table games. This is leveraging the “ante” which is common in “class 2” casinos to boost casino profits or allocate resources towards retaining staff who can oversee lower-stakes tables. By offering games with lower limits, we can broaden opportunities for players at all levels, ensuring their continued presence and engagement on the gaming floor.

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