Trio360 represents a radical shift in Casino Marketing technology as the first unified multi-channel communication platform specifically designed for the unique needs of casino hosts, player development executives and casino marketers.

See the video below as Craig Shacklett, URComped CEO, talks with Viejas Casino and Resort’s VP of Player Development, Kacie Martin, to learn about her first hand experience with TRIO CRM and how it has made drastic improvements just within the first month of implementation. 

Topics in the video include

  • Host leadership/ management improved through Trio360
  • How Trio360 improves team cohesiveness and communication
  • How Trio360 improves communication between host and player
  • Data security benefits of Trio360
  • Better growing customer service and customer relationships through Trio360
  • Trio360 shows real-time reports (host management/ customer behavior)
  • Booking process streamlined and increased efficiency through Trio360
  • How Trio360 reduces human error
  • How Trio360 is user friendly
  • TTrio360 evaluation process and integration