Meet Trio360

The Future of Integrated Casino Marketing

Efficient. Proven. Powerful.

Designed based on feedback from thousands of players, hosts and casino marketers, Trio360 is more than a Casino CRM, it is the most advanced Casino Player Engagement Platform on the planet.

Multi-Channel Communication

Text, call and email directly from the portal. View all communication records in one place

Streamlined Casino Bookings

Maximize booking efficiency by bringing hosts and coordinators into streamlined a booking portal

Personalized Text Blasts

Phone calls are dead. Increase response rate by 8x with powerful mass-texting capabilities

Powerful Reporting

Historical and forward-looking reports and executive dashboards tracking host activity for all of your key metrics

A Revolution in Player Development and Customer Service Technology

Trio’s Revolutionary Player Development, Trip Management and Customer Service Platform allows your property to streamline all marketing and customer service activities in one intuitive portal. As a result you will:

  • Drive up customer service scores by 15%
  • Increase theo produced per host by 12%
  • Maximize revenue and usage of your non-gaming amenities
  • Increase the ROI of every marketing dollar spent by up to 20%
  • Decrease existing software expenses and avoid increasing labor cost as your business inevitably grows

Triple the productivity of every host with Trio Communication Platform


Trio 360 VIP is custom built for the casino business and configurable to your property's unique amenities, workflows and current systems.


Built on the industry-leading Amazon cloud (AWS), Trio's cloud deployment model ensures maximum uptime and value for your team with minimum strain on your IT resources.


Trio ensures that key, actionable booking, play, activity and communication data is available to your team at all times with executive dashboards and one-click reports.

"I honestly can say that the technology your team built has made me 10x more productive and efficient. The ability to text players directly from the portal is sure to transform casino marketing."
-Jim Sulima, Casino Host

the tech you want

Trio360 was built with one goal: Help casinos deliver more VIP experiences

Triple the productivity of every host with Trio360 Communication Platform

Allow your host and customer service team to communicate with players via call, text or email directly from Trio360. Personalized templates and group messaging enables hosts to triple outbound messaging volume. Track all communication and bookings in real-time to ensure accountability and maximum results.

Increase revenue per trip and improve customer service scores with Trio360 Auto-Messaging

Automatically send emails and/or text messages before and during trips to offer restaurant, spa or other reservations and lock-in more revenue per trip. Send automated confirmations and trip itineraries to give a true VIP feeling to your players.

With consolidated messaging, when a host is out of the office their players messages still come into Trio360 to be handled by an on-duty host. So important messages from players will never be missed

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